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As a way of ensuring we discover new talents, TNMG has created an original reality TV show that features new acts with fresh voices and distinct talents from Canada’s and environs. Our sole aim is to see the music industry thrive and to also capture the daily lives and determination of building artists to be the next super stars.

Our TV shows will feature live performances, studio interviews, and up closer and personal interaction with top and upcoming music stars in the industry. Our talent hunt show is open to everybody who think they have got the ability and talents to be the next big super star in the music industry. Whatever your talents may be, we at TNMG are here to help you horn them and see you succeed through our personal development mentoring.

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The Next Music Generation is a body that consists of a group of individuals who are passionate about discovering and developing new music talents across Canada and beyond. In addition to this, we also organize music shows and events to bring together people of Globe so that they can have a time of their life, network, and have great fun as well.

The Next Generation Music has been making waves in the industry for several years and has consistently discovered talents year in year out over this period of time. We have successfully booked gigs for globally renowned names such as Young and the Restless, Stubhub, SickKids, Mazda, McDonalds, and Telus among others. We are also proud sponsors of Youth Day and the Cut Connect awards and have hosted a pre-screening for Sony Picture’s “Don’t Breathe”. We pull an average of 300 million views in worldwide theatres, and this is what has seen us stand the test of time and also established our brand as the trusted name in the music industry.

There are a lot of benefits attached with taking part in our loyalty program and I am sure you will not want to miss out of these many opportunities that The Next Music Generation has to offer. One of the numerous benefits is that when people become card carrying members of TNMG they will have access to discounts on their flight booking, hotel reservations, and music studio bookings as well among others. Artists who are member of TNMG will enjoy unlimited consulting services, access to recording sessions, latest gist in the industry, and they will attend our network events free among other benefits.



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