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DJs are an integral part of the music and entertainment industry. The turning and scratching of their turntables add more color to music and make them unique in entertainment. Over the years DJs perform and work as solo acts. A lot of individual DJs have done so well in performance, but there has also been the need to collaborate with other DJs, hence the need for DJ coalition. DJ coalition is an association of DJs headed by a director or crew head working together to provide better DJ services like making mixtapes, club and even street appearances. DJ coalitions are sometimes known as a family of DJs or DJ crew.

Some DJs may sometimes ask why they should be a part of a DJ coalition, well! Here’s the deal. DJ coalition helps to build and improve the career of individual DJs, promote their brand and also create a platform for DJs to meet with one another. For individual DJs looking to develop their skills and promote their brands, being a part of a DJ coalition would help achieve these. Some DJ coalitions have contact with artists, access to new songs and radios, some even have their own programs on radio. Some of the coalition’s help DJs make mixtapes, handle the creation of their graphic design, this service is essential to DJs. Conference calls are usually organized by DJ coalition ei6her weekly, biweekly, or yearly depending on the schedule of the coalition to enable communication amongst various DJs. Seminars, DJ battle, and showcases, discussions are also organized by the coalition, all these are tools for any DJ looking to improve his/her skill. DJ coalitions provides opportunities that being an individual act would not provide

For DJ coalitions to be formed, the crew head usually a DJ, contacts a lot of like-minded DJs. The contact could be made through emails, calls or most times through social media platforms, the crew head. For individual DJs wanting to join DJ coalition,, it’s not always difficult to do so, you can make contact with the DJ coalition, probably send your mixtape to the coalition. Any DJ interested in being a part of any DJ coalition is expected to properly review the working terms of the coalition. Some coalitions may include some unfavorable clauses.

There are just a few downsides of working with a DJ coalition. Some coalitions may expect a DJ to play some certain types of songs and not to forget the DJ would have to work with other DJs and producers he/she may not want to work with

Notable DJ coalition that has broken new grounds in the entertainment industry includes Nerve DJs of Cleveland headed by DJ Johnny. Officially created in 2004. Currently having over 2000 DJs in membership.

Coalition DJs of Atlanta established by Xavier Hargrove (DJ Big X) in 2008.

Core DJs of Atlanta founded by DJ T.Neal (Tony Neal).

The music industry has gradually begun to acknowledge the efforts of DJ coalitions through international recognition and award nominations (The Next Music Generation Awards)

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