The Music Industry and DJs

Disc jockeys are an integral part of the music industry, bringing out the best of music by playing a mix of recorded music to their audience. DJs play a fusion of different kinds of songs using their turntables and DJ mixers to simultaneously mix songs to produce the best effect.  It’s unarguable that DJs are the life of the party.

DJs are faced with a plethora of limitations in the music industry notwithstanding the key role they have played in relation to the industry’s immense growth over the years. It’s not always common that they are given the recognition they deserve.

Most people think that DJing is just a mere task, probably turning knobs and playing around the turntable, but being a DJ is not always that simple, trying to figure out which track to play next, playing the right kind of mix relatable to your audience, maintain a high level of energy, and would keep them on their feet throughout the event.

DJs are facing copyright problems. In some places, there are restrictions on some songs a DJ can play and certain modifications allowed on the songs. When playing a mix of a song that has copyright, the DJs usually have to pay royalties on the songs. Technology has been a vital part of DJing and the high cost of upgrading to new DJing gears to meet up with the trend is one of the problems faced by new DJs.

Being a DJ has its own downsides, the late hours, lack of sleep, numerous and unhealthy touring schedules, traveling to different time zones, a culture of drinks and drugs and also the long hours working in front of a computer. Then there’s the practical observation by Sally-Anne Gross and Dr. George Musgrave from the University of Westminster stating that a lot of DJs or producers spend so much of their time solitary, interacting only with technology, affecting social interaction and multiple cases of depression. There is also the increased risk of hearing loss and tinnitus from the loudness of the monitor speakers in the DJ booth. For mobile DJs, there is also the problem of frequent setting up and packing up the DJing gears.

The music industry is male-dominated especially the job of a disc jockey, A lot of persons feel DJing is a job solely for the males. There are a few women involved in jobs and activities related to electronics and music production. The sexual bias in the industry makes the job more challenging for the females trying to make a headway in the industry. Although, over the years there have been more females taking up the craft of DJing and making great waves. Some notable female DJ like

  • Annie Mac
  • Ellen Allien
  • Mazda
  • Tatiana
  • Nina Kraviz
  • Nervo

These women face problems ranging from being paid less compared to their male counterparts to incessant sexual harassment and generally low acceptance.

DJs, more especially the females in the industry need more appreciation and acceptance. The hard work put into the craft needs to receive more recognition and reward from the public.

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